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Strength (Outbreak, 0.8)

Strength (Outbreak, 0.8) - Nicole Sobon Unedited teaser:

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so the saying went.
Two days ago, our lives changed. Again. We’d been living under the rule of Troum for so long that I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be free, to live a life outside of these walls.
The days before the Outbreak were days that I would forever cherish; days that held happier memories – of my sister, my mother, our family.
My father and I had found a way to manage, to suppress the pain, the longing, but times like now, I found myself eager to reclaim what was once, and she had only made that desire stronger.
She had, in a way, forced me awake; opened my eyes to new possibilities I had not thought to be achievable after the Outbreak. She made freedom seem achievable, although at a price.

Strength is a short story, like Spark, but this one is being told from Ana's POV. It will be a bit longer than Spark, and it'll only be available as an eBook.