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Infliction (Hell Bent/Heaven Sent #4) - Isobel Lucas,  Megg Jensen I’m truly enjoying the Hell Bent/Heaven Sent series by Isobel Lucas. While Infliction wasn’t my favorite installment (that title still belongs to The Defiler's Throne), I found it to be an easy read that left me eager for more.

Infliction picks up where The Defiler's Throne leaves off. After losing her virginity to Ian, Raven finds herself on the receiving end of a sex talk from her father, which results in a visit to a nearby Walgreens, which then results in a zombie attack. In all honesty, I didn’t really care for Fred when he was introduced, mainly because I didn’t actually see what he brought to the story. And I kind of missed Triniti in this one, but there is still one installment left, and I will undoubtedly be purchasing that one the second it goes on-sale to see how Raven’s story ends.

I know that novelettes aren’t exactly popular given their short length (it is hard to tell a story in shorter installments), but Lucas has managed to craft an exciting series with Hell Bent/Heaven Sent.

I’m seriously dreading the wait for Metamorphosis because I seriously need to know what happens next.