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Touch of Death (Touch of Death, #1)

Touch of Death (Touch of Death, #1) - Kelly Hashway I think the best way to describe TOUCH OF DEATH is to say that it is HALF-BLOOD meets CURSED, and that isn’t meant to be a bad thing. Basically: If you like Jennifer L. Armentrout's work, I think you'll enjoy this book.
TOUCH OF DEATH is about Jodi Meadows, a teenage girl with poison running through her veins. She begins the story as a normal teenager with a wonderful boyfriend and a best friend that she tells everything to. But it isn’t long before Jodi’s peaceful life goes turned upside down.
On her way to school, Jodi gets into an accident, hitting a deer. It’s that accident that changes Jodi’s life as she knows it. When the deer gets up and runs away after Jodi swore she’d killed it, her world slowly begins to unravel.
It did take me a bit to get into TOUCH OF DEATH, which is the only reason I’m giving it four stars. I think the biggest reason it took me a while to get into TOUCH OF DEATH was because the way Alex was introduced put me off at first, I found him to be creepy, but thankfully, Hashway explains why he was always lingering, and honestly? It’s pretty understandable, especially near the end. Yes, he was the ultimate creeper, but given the circumstances the havoc Jodi was unleashing all over town, I think he didn’t actually have a choice. He had to keep an eye on things
When Jodi and Alex head to his house the story truly begins to pick up. It is obvious that things are not as they seem, and it all builds up to one fantastic ending.
Speaking of that ending: Holy cliffhanger! Seriously, I’m eager to know what happens next. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where Hashway takes this trilogy.To sum it up: Mythology. Deadly abilities. Deceit. Romance. It’s hard not to like TOUCH OF DEATH.