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My Paper Heart (My Paper Heart, #1)

My Paper Heart - Magan Vernon I've enjoyed the first two books in Vernon's My Alien Romance series, so I was more than eager to read My Paper Heart when it was released in August, especially after I learned it was a New Adult title.

My Paper Heart is about Libby Gentry, a college student that flunked out. As punishment, her parents send her to Elsbury, Louisiana to work for her great-aunt, but Elsbury ends up being the exact thing needs. Libby spent her time in college trying to please everyone - to fit in - but it isn't until she moves to Elsbury, and starts a romance with the local "playboy", Blaine Crabtree, that Libby begins to come into her own person.

Libby's character did drive me nuts sometimes, but given her self-esteem issues, her behavior was understandable. I'm actually kind of glad that Vernon wrote Libby the way that she did. Libby's self-esteem issues are something that readers will be able to relate to. It's easy to lose yourself to the idea of who you are supposed to be rather than the person that you really are, and I think Vernon showcases that rather well with Libby. You can see the difference in her attitude from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. She becomes the young woman that she was always meant to be once she stops caring what everyone else thinks, and starts focusing on her own happiness.

I've got to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. There is humor, romance, and self-discovery. It's a good NA title that readers will devour. And now that Vernon has confirmed there will be a sequel, I can't wait for more Libby and Blaine (mainly Blaine, not even going to lie).