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The Forever Contract

The Forever Contract - Avery Sawyer I purchased The Forever Contract awhile ago, but only now got around to reading it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. It was intriguing, and left me eager to see what would happen next. Even though it was only 46 pages, I believe that Sawyer managed to craft a very emotional story that readers can easily lose themselves in.

It's a set in the future, when resources are scarce and people are desperate to escape the pain that has become their daily lives. Upon their seventeenth birthday, people are able to sign the Forever Contract, a contract that will bring them happiness. But the contract isn't as it seems.

The happiness they are promised comes with a price, and it'll take two teens, Casey and James, to uncover the truth.

My only problem with The Forever Contract is that I wanted more when I finished the story. This isn't a bad thing. Actually, I'd love to see Sawyer turn this into a full novel, or even a novella series.

If you're looking for quick read, The Forever Contract is definitely worth checking out.