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Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1)

Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1) - K.J. Wignall Reviewed on 9/24/2011:
I just finished "Blood" and all I can say is wow. There are a lot of vampire books out there, most of which are alike, but "Blood" is different. From the very first line until that final line, which will leave you wanting the next book immediately, you'll lose yourself in the story of Will and Eloise.

Will, who was destined to be Earl of Mercia before his death at the age of sixteen, is a vampire. He's spent much of his existence (over seven hundred years) wondering who bit him and why. After awakening from one of his hibernation's, Will senses something is different - he's used to the world-changing around him, but something else seems odd. Seeking blood, he finds Jex, someone who won't go missed. As he's draining Jex of his blood, he begins speaking of a girl who he needs, and who also needs him. Will doesn't understand what the man is talking about, until he sees Eloise's picture in Jex's book, and later by the river.

When Will tries to speak to her, she becomes unfriendly, wishing to be left alone. It isn't until their second meeting, in which he saves her from a group of young boys that Will and Eloise really speak. He's afraid to tell her of what Jex said, and what he is, as he's afraid of scaring her off but he knows that at some point he has to tell the truth. In that moment, when he finally begins to confess everything, Eloise thinks he's crazy, until he admits that he's a vampire. Something she is oddly okay with.

The scene with his brother, after telling Eloise the truth, is wonderfully written. It's both shocking and sad in that his brother was being ordered to inflict harm upon Will. To me, that's when the story really begins to pick up - it's this scene that sets everything in motion and that forces Will to seek out his destiny.

"Blood" is exciting, it's shocking, it's funny, and it's worth checking out when it releases on Tuesday.

That ending...I did not see that one coming.