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Torn  - Amanda Hocking In "Switched", the first book in the Trylle Trilogy, we're introduced to Wendy Everly, a girl who finds out that she's not only a changeling, but also a Princess. With the first book, Hocking did a terrific job of setting up the world of the Trylle, as well as introducing us to the various characters that lived inside of the palace. In this second book, however, Hocking focuses more on developing her characters, as well as introducing the reader to the world of the Vittra.

As you may recall, I admitted that while reading "Switched", I wasn't originally a big Wendy fan. She came off as bratty and spoiled. But in "Torn", she's much stronger, more willing than ever to do whatever is needed to protect those that she loves - even going as far as to sacrifice her own happiness.

The story itself picks off shortly after where "Switched" ends, with Wendy and Rhys escaping back to her host family. But Wendy's plan doesn't go as well as she hoped. After Finn and Duncan (a new tracker whom you'll come to adore), fail to lure her back with them, the Vittra stage an attack, kidnapping Wendy. And this is where my favorite new character comes into play, Loki.

Loki is quite the charmer. He's the complete opposite of Finn, which I found to be a nice change (don't get me wrong: I do like Finn, but Loki is a welcome addition). He's witty, laid back, and willing to risk a lot for Wendy - even though he hardly knows her. It's clear from the moment they meet there's a connection, and while I'm not a huge fan of love triangles, I think Hocking handles this one wonderfully.

There are a lot of twists in "Torn", enough to keep the reader fully engaged until the end. I thought I had these characters pegged, I thought I had an idea of where Hocking would be taking Wendy's story next...not so much. That's what I enjoy about this series: Hocking is able to take you on a journey with her words, and you never truly know where it'll lead you to in the end.

"Torn" is a fantastic sequel to "Switched"; Hocking has crafted a wonderful world full of fantastic characters that you'll easily lose yourself in.

After reading the first two books in the Trylle Trilogy, both of which I enjoyed immensely, I can safely say that I'm a Hocking fangirl now. No doubt about it. Now if only April would hurry up.