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Capture - Nicole Sobon Please note that there was an earlier edition of CAPTURE released in Feb/March 2011. That version was taken down in late 2011 in order to be completely overhauled. I rewrote A LOT of chapters, re-edited the entire book and changed the ending.

There will be one sequel in late 2013 titled RELEASE.
When you read CAPTURE, you'll understand where the story is headed (the title gives you a clear idea).

Also, I know that people are frustrated with the cover. The image on Goodreads is the original cover from early 2011. The cover copies everyone is comparing it to were released AFTER I'd already designed the cover for Capture. In order to avoid confusion, I did update the cover (which Goodreads won't allow me to upload for some strange reason). Unfortunately, because I had to use a stock image, chances are you'll see the image on various books. There is nothing I can do about that. :",",",",",",0,,,,, 17251203,One (One Universe