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Sound - Shelley Workinger I adore the Solid series by Shelley Workinger, so I’m naturally sad to see it end, but if that epilogue is any indicator, there’s still more to be told.

The Solid series has followed Clio Kaid, one of one-hundred children with super-abilities who have been called to a top-secret Army base for research. In Solid and Settling, Clio and her friends find themselves having to fight for their lives. This book is a bit different. Sure, there is a showdown of sorts, but this is more of an emotional journey of a book. Clio finally finds herself in Sound, and yes, she reconnects with Jack (they are actually a cute fictional couple so that made me happy).

There were times where I wanted to scream at Clio, but she had to learn from her mistakes. She has to grow and figure out who she is and who she wants to be, and Workinger develops Clio wonderfully throughout Sound.

Even though I loved Sound, I have to say that the epilogue killed me. I need to know where Workinger is planning on taking this series because holy crap.

I say this time and time again, but this series just doesn’t get enough love. It is a terrific self-published series that readers can easily devour within a day.