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Passion and Pain - Kathy Petrakis Passion and Pain isn’t something I’d usually read, but when Kathy Petrakis contacted me to review the title, I couldn’t turn it down. I’m trying to read more contemporary (I adore sci-fi and fantasy, but sometimes real life is nice to read about), and this seemed like it’d be a quick, enjoyable read, and honestly? It was easy to tear through this book.
After reading Passion and Pain, I have to agree that it is definitely FAME meets Gossip Girl.
I did have a few issues with Passion and Pain: the dialogue seemed a bit off at times, and it took me a bit to connect with Elena, but once I did, I easily tore through Passion and Pain.
I liked reading about Elena and her friends, but what I liked most about Passion and Pain was the fact that it touched on a lot of difficult subjects: virginity, bullying, etc.
I didn’t love Passion and Pain, but I can honestly say that I did like it. It is fun watching Elena and Seb’s relationship develop as the story moves along. There are mistakes made. But in the end, things have a way of working out, and they end up realizing they both want more than friendship.
To sum it up:
Do you enjoy the performing arts? Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Of FAME? Did you enjoy TAKING CHANCES by Molly McAdams? Then you will devour Passion and Pain. Oh, and the best part? It’s currently free on Amazon! ;)