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Elixir - Jennifer L. Armentrout NOTE: If you have yet to read Deity, please, please skip over this review as I do not want to spoil anything for you.

Now, onto my thoughts about Elixir:
When I heard that Aiden was getting his own novella, I might’ve squealed a bit (okay, maybe a lot). I will happily admit that I’m an Aiden fangirl, and after the events that took place in Deity (especially near the end), I felt for his character. But the pain I felt for him in Deity is nothing compared to the pain I felt for him during Elixir.

Throughout the series, Alex has expressed her hatred of the elixir that is given to half-blood’s when put into servitude. So when Apollo comes to Aiden, telling them that giving Alex an elixir is the only way to stop her connection with Seth, Aiden initially feels fights back because he knows what the elixir does, and he knows how Alex feels about it. But they’re running out of options, and a war is on its way.

Aiden has always tried his best to protect Alex, even though, up until now, she’s been capable of protecting herself. We usually see a more restrained version of Aiden, but in Elixir, when he is forced to consider the prospect of losing Alex, we see a more determined, and on edge, version of Aiden. He’ll stop at nothing to protect Alex from not only the Gods, but Seth.

Elixir is only a novella, but Armentrout manages to pack an emotional punch within these seventy-four pages.

I absolutely loved Elixir. It made me laugh. It broke my heart. It made me want to hit something. But I loved every single second of it.

If you haven’t checked out Armentrout’s Covenant series, you’re missing out on a fantastic series.