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Regret - Elana Johnson This series just keeps getting better! I was a bit on the fence after reading "Possession" (book one), but after reading both "Resist" and "Regret", it is safe to say that I'm really enjoying where Johnson is taking this series.

Given how short "Regret" is (it isn't really 84 pages as Amazon states; there are two chapters from both "Possession" and "Surrender" included), I wasn't expecting much. But Johnson manages to pack a punch in this short. There's so much that goes on in these six chapters.

Is it necessary to read "Regret"? I haven't read "Surrender" yet (though I plan on starting it this week), but I'm going to have to go with yes. These shorts (both "Resist" and "Regret") offer something readers will enjoy between novels, it'd be wrong to skip over them.