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Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout When I finished reading Cursed, I found myself eager for me. It is meant to be a stand-alone, but I hope that Armentrout decides to turn this one into a series down the line because I absolutely adored Ember and Hayden.

At only 288 pages, Cursed is a quick read that readers will easily lose themselves in. I adore Armentrout’s Covenant series, as well as her Lux series, but I think Cursed might actually be my favorite of her titles. (I swear I say this every single time she release a new book, but it is true.)

The story is set around Ember McWilliams and her younger sister, Olivia. After she and her father were killed in an accident – that led to her sister bringing her back to life – things for Ember have been tough. Her mother seems to be tuned out, unable to care for either her or her sister, leaving everything on Ember’s shoulders. That’s bad enough for any teenager, but when you also have the ability to kill someone with your touch? Well, that just makes things even more difficult.

What Ember doesn’t know is that since the accident, people have been watching over her and her sister, and they know what both girls are capable of. When they bring the girls to an isolated location, she is left to wonder what they want with her, and what they are going to do to both her and her sister.

But just when Ember thinks she knows what is going on, the truth is finally revealed, and it’s far from what she could’ve ever expected.

Cursed was full of suspense, and a romance that’ll make Armentrout’s fans happy. The relationship between Ember and Hayden kind of reminds me of Alex and Aiden (that isn’t a bad thing). There were times when I wanted to scream at both Ember and Hayden, but the way Armentrout built their relationship was wonderful (there are plenty of swoon-worthy moments between them, I promise).

Honestly, my only problem with this book is that it ended.

I need moreeeeeeee.