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Settling - Shelley Workinger If there was one series that I wish more readers knew about, I’d say it was the “Solid” series by Shelley Workinger.

I read “Solid” last year and absolutely loved it. Shelley has truly crafted a unique series with “Solid”, a story with a fantastic plot and loveable characters. I’m not sure why I waited so long to dive into “Settling”, but I’m glad that I finally decided to pick it up earlier this week, because I actually loved it more than the first book.

“Settling” picks up shortly after where “Solid” leaves off. After Clio and her friends stop an attack on campus, life on campus seems to be settling into a sort of normalcy; for a while, at least.

But soon enough, there’s an attack on campus that sends their world into another whirlwind. Everyone is worried, but Clio seems the most affected – more on edge than usual. And her uneasiness will lead to her making mistakes that can change everything.

I adore the characters in the “Solid” series, but Clio is my favorite. Some readers may not agree with the turn she takes in “Settling”, but I’m glad that Workinger allowed Clio to make mistakes. She’s a teenager. She’s still adjusting to this new life – she’s on her own at a secluded campus, only able to speak to her mother via her cell or Skype, she’s just found out that she is one of a hundred children to have been born with a power, and she’s found herself in a relationship with a boy that she hardly knows. Of course she’s going to question her choices and act out; it’s a part of growing up. In actuality, Clio’s uncertainty helped to make her more relatable. It allowed me to feel more connected to the story.

I can’t wait to see what Workinger has in store for the third book, “Sound”. If it is anything like “Solid” and “Settling”, I’m sure it will be absolutely fantastic.