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How to Break Up with an Alien - Magan Vernon I fell in love with Magan Vernon’s “How to Date an Alien” when I read it last year, so when the sequel was released earlier this year, I was excited to dive into it. Unfortunately, it sat on my bookshelf until this past week, when I finally found time to continue reading Alex and Ace’s journey.

In the first book, Alex meets Ace, an alien, during her summer internship at Circe. They form a forbidden relationship between a human and an alien, which nearly ends in an intergalactic war. A treaty is signed into order, stating that, at some point, Alex will marry Ace and become the Caltian princess.

Which brings us to the sequel, “How to Break Up With an Alien”.

I must start by saying that when the title was announced, I was worried about where Vernon was taking the story. But she knew what she was doing, and honestly, I’m actually happy with the direction that Vernon took the sequel.

Now that Alex is back home and she isn’t able to spend as much time with Ace as she did during her internship at Circe, she’s beginning to wonder what she wants. Of course, it doesn’t help that someone is trying to force her into following a different path.

There’s a certain character hell-bent on destroying things between Alex and Ace, and although I suspected this character very early on, it was still a surprise when it was revealed near the end. Crazy Caltians.

With the ending of “How to Break Up With an Alien” and the title Vernon has listed for the third novel, I’m eager for the final book. I can’t wait to see what Vernon has in store next for these two characters.

What I enjoy most about Vernon’s My Alien Romance is that these books really are the perfect light read. The books are full of both humor and romance, and that is a mixture that is impossible to go wrong with. And Alex isn’t the typical YA protagonist, which, for me, is what truly makes this series. She isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, and she isn’t Miss Popularity. She’s your average teenage girl, someone that teenage girls can identify with… if you ignore the whole dating an alien thing. Plus, she’s hilarious.

If you have yet to check out Vernon’s My Alien Romance series, you can actually download the first book for free for your e-reader through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s an enjoyable summer read.