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Deviant - Adrian McKinty It took me a while to get into "Deviant", but it was a rather interesting book. I'm not big on violence, whether its people or animals, so the first chapter was difficult to push through, but I did, and I came out surprised by the story and how much I actually liked it.

Danny just moved to Colorado from Las Vegas after his mother is given a promotion at the new casino her boss is preparing to open. The new job means a new car, a new house - a new lifestyle. The life he had in Las Vegas is incredibly different from the life he's living in Colorado. While he's adjusting to his new school (where students can't talk and they must wear white gloves), he's also struggling to make friends. Add in a crazy cat killer and you have an interesting story.

The school is a very interesting place. It's quite possibly the most intriguing part of the story. The students find ways around the no talking rule of course, and most of them have created their own secret clubs. When news of the cat killings starts spreading in the news, Tony, Danny's neighbor, suspects someone, not something, is doing this. She hopes that he'll care enough to look into it too. When Danny and Tony go to Walt's (Danny's step father) friend, Bob, an inmate at the jail Walt works at, looking for answers, Hector, a fellow student in a different `club' wants in on what they know.

What's great about "Deviant" is that it does a fantastic job at keeping the reader's interest. It's a mystery novel with the struggles of adolescence thrown in. I really enjoyed reading this one.