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Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout Reviewed in July 2011:

I love novellas and I love that so many authors are starting to release them either to introduce a series (as in this case), or to bridge a gap between two books. Granted, not all of them are great..."Daimon" is.

"Daimon", the prequel to "Half Blood" (releasing in September), is a tease in the sense that you're going to want "Half Blood" as soon as you finish reading. Thankfully, there is a sneak peek at the end of the novella.

Alex is a seventeen year old half blood (she is the daughter of a mortal and a Hematoi). Alex is the kind of character I love seeing in the YA world. She's tough, she's fun, but she has those moments in which she breaks down and you get a glance at the human side of her. She's been on the run with her mother for the past few years. She isn't sure why, but her mother insists they cannot return to the Covenant because it isn't safe for them.

Alex has been living in the human world for a few years now, she's adapted for the most part to the human world, though at times her fighting habits kick in. Her mother had prepared her for if the daimon's ever came after them, but unfortunately not everything goes to plan. She's forced to run, leaving her mother behind. That's when we see the first glimpse of Alex's soft spot so to speak. She's strong, she's a fighter, but for a while you actually get to watch as she struggles to cope. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't get much time to get over what happened to her mother because the daimon's are after her.

The way the story ends, it's a huge cliffhanger, but it sets up the beginning of "Half Blood" nicely. I'm eagerly anticipating getting "Half Blood" because I need to know what happens next.