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One Hundred Candles - Mara Purnhagen Reviewed in 2011:

I've developed a slight obsession with the "Past Midnight" series. The characters are likeable, the story lines are interesting, and the pacing is wonderful. Plus, the fact that they are slightly over two hundred pages, as opposed to the [what seems to be normal] four hundred page young-adult novels, doesn't hurt. These books are easy to read and incredibly enjoyable.

"One Hundred Candles" did a good job of summarizing the events that took place in "Past Midnight". From the first line until the very last, I couldn't tear my interest away. Charlotte's family is finally settling down. She's getting the chance at a normal life; she even has hope of attending prom for the first time. And them - BAM, it hits you fast. The scene with Charlotte and Marcus. Thing's settle for a while, until New Year's when Charlotte spends time with Harris. The entire one hundred candles ritual was interesting. The reader can sense something is coming, but Purnhagen is great with her pacing and she manages to set it up perfectly so that it hits you hard when all hell does break lose.

Before he finds them, Charlotte's life seems to be finding a balance: her parents are getting along better, her relationship with Noah has grown, and she thinks that the worst is over. Then her father delivers the news that they have to run, everything comes crashing down around her just as it was beginning to fall into place. From that moment until the final page, you hope for the best, but Purnhagen doesn't gloss over everything. He's coming to punish Charlotte. This isn't going to be a happy ending. Not yet. There's a lot of pain headed her way. There's going to be a lot of healing that needs to take place before she can get her life back in order. And she's not safe yet. There's still a chance that the energy will manifest itself again. She may have won this time, but safety isn't promised.

I can't wait to start "Haunting the Night" and "Beyond the Grave"! This series is honestly addicting.