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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Reviewed on: August 7, 2011

I've been hearing nothing but great things about the Iron Fey series for a while now, but for some reason I just never sat down to read the books. Well, after finishing "The Iron King", I can finally say that I understand the love for this series and I wish I'd started the series sooner.

"The Iron King" is a wonderfully crafted story that will pull readers in, with no intention of letting them go. Kagawa does a fantastic job of keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

The story is about Meghan Chase. She's a typical teenage girl, at first that is, but then something happens to her brother, Ethan, that transforms her entire world. When Ethan is kidnapped by The Iron King and replaced with a changeling, Meghan must find a way to save him.

Robbie, aka Puck, her best friend is actually a faery that has been sent to protect her. Upon her father's demands, he is to keep her from setting foot in the Nevernever. As he tells her the truth about Ethan, he gives her the option of forgetting or wondering into the Nevernever to find him, not knowing what danger awaits them. She refuses to forget her little brother and chooses, instead, to go after him against Puck's wishes.

Once they enter the Nevernever, Meghan and Puck find themselves running from danger constantly. When Ash comes upon them, Puck is forced to run with Meghan. At one point, Puck leaves Meghan behind in a tree while he continues running, leading Ash after him. That's when she meets Grimalkin, a cat.

I don't want to give the entire story away, so I'll try to state my thoughts from here on out. When I reached the last page, I was more than ready to grab the next book to keep going. Meghan was a nice character to get to know. She didn't start out strong, in fact she was clueless and helpless in the beginning, but as the story went on she came into her own. There was a determination in her, a selflessness in her that I loved. No matter how hard things became, she never lost track of her goal - to save Ethan. Even if it meant making a deal with a faery.

The lonely high schooler you meet at the beginning is easily erased by the ending. Meghan Chase is half Summer faery princess, half human, and she's something that everyone is after. She's powerful, even if she doesn't yet fully understand her powers.

I loved this book. Julie Kagawa's descriptions were rich and made me feel as though I was watching the story as opposed to reading it. I loved the characters. I loved the writing. I just loved it all and I can't wait to start the next book.