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Clean - Amy Reed Reviewed in July 2011:

Every now and then there is a book that pulls you in from the very first page with no intention of letting you go. "Clean" is that book for me. What's so fantastic about "Clean" is that it's real, it's raw - it doesn't shy away from anything.

"Clean" tells the stories of Kelly, Olivia, Eva, Christopher, and Jason during their stay in rehab. Each of their stories is different, but all so important. Reading "Clean" took me back to high-school. I remember what it felt like to be broken and how it took everything to recover from that feeling. To me, "Clean" should be a recommended book for all teenagers. Yes, the story is told in a rehab center. Yes, the characters have addictions. But the story is also much more. It's a story of self discovery, of finding the voice within one's self.

I enjoyed every bit of this book and I'd highly recommend it.