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Past Midnight - Mara Purnhagen My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I came upon "Past Midnight", I wasn't sure if it was something I would like. But I'm glad I gave it a shot. "Past Midnight" is an incredibly easy and fun read.

Charlotte Silver has never had a `real home'. Her parents, who work on `Doubt', are always traveling, trying to dispute paranormal claims. Charlotte wants to be normal, but there isn't anything normal about Charlotte.

Charlotte's parents decide to settle down for her upcoming senior year of high school after speaking with her older sister, Annaliese. She quickly becomes friends with Avery, her neighbor, and she tries to hide who she is, and what her parents do. But eventually the truth will find its way out.

But Charlotte isn't the only one hiding a secret, Avery and Jared both have their own secrets that need to be told.

What "Past Midnight" has going for it is that it isn't your typical young adult novel in that the main character isn't driven by a teenage romance. Sure, Charlotte has a crush on one of her male friends, but that isn't the story. The story focuses on Charlotte, her family, her friends, and the paranormal world she's just beginning to truly experience.

I easily plowed through this book. I needed to know what was going on. I needed to know who *they* were and what they wanted from Charlotte. It's a very interesting story and I'm ready to start the next book.