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Cinder and Ella - Melissa Lemon If there is one book I've read this year that is nothing like I expected it to be, it would be CINDER AND ELLA - not that it's necessarily a bad thing. I was expecting a retelling of CINDERELLA with maybe more of the story that we've come to know. I'm actually thankful that this story didn't follow my expectations. I enjoyed it. At 208 pages, it was a fast and easy read.

I didn't care for the mother, because honestly...she does nothing, but the characters were interesting. Ella, the daughter the mother had `forgotten' (although she really just merged Ella and Cinder together), is a fighter and she makes the entire story (well, Tanner is pretty interesting, too). The whole every person has a tree that's connected to them concept was really neat and I think it was well thought out.

"Cinder and Ella" isn't perfect, not everyone will like it. There isn't a glass slipper. There isn't a fairy god mother. This isn't your usual Cinderella story. The first few chapters are hard to really get into, but the story is worth reading. I will say, however, that I didn't care for the ending. The villian was just sent away. That was probably my biggest issue with this book.

All in all, I'd give it three and a half stars.

Check it out if you get a chance, just make sure you go in with an open mind.