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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa Oh, "The Iron Queen", how you toy with my emotions. I don't think I've ever read a book in which I went from laughing, to wanting to scream to wanting to cry so quickly.
The story picks up shortly after where "The Iron Daughter" ends, with Meghan and Ash being banished from the Nevernever. It's nearing Meghan's seventeenth birthday, which is only twenty-four hours away, making it a year since she first went into Faery in search of her younger brother, Ethan. While in the Nevernever, she managed to defeat the Iron King, but now there's a new `king', the false Iron King, and he wants her. Meghan may have been exiled from the world of the fae, but that doesn't mean her troubles haven't followed her back home.
Left with no other choice, Oberon offers to lift Meghan's exile (along with Puck's), if she's willing to take on the False Iron King. After negotiating with Mab to have Ash's exile lifted as well, the three of them, along with Grim, set off on a journey that'll change everything.
Meghan, who is already a rather strong female mc, grows so much through out "The Iron Queen". The character development between "The Iron King" and "The Iron Queen" is just amazing. The same can be said for Ash and Puck as well. I was really happy to see the person Meghan ended up becoming by the end of the story, mainly because I never would've expected that outcome after reading the first book.
If you've been wondering whether to start the Iron Fey series, I urge you to do so. Immediately.