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The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Reviewed on: November 4, 2011

I've been trying to write my review for "The Iron Knight" for over a week now, but I keep finding myself struggling with what to say. The fangirling? That comes easy. Actually managing to type up a coherent review? It's been quite troublesome.

Fans of Kagawa will devour "The Iron Knight" immediately. Reading from Meghan's point of view, we get glimpses of who Ash really is, but never like this. For the first time, we get to know Ash - Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn - as more than the Winter Prince.

When Meghan was close to death in "The Iron Queen", she banned Ash from entering the Iron Realm, knowing he couldn't survive there. But before he left, he made a vow that he would find a way back to her - that they'd be together again - and he intends to keep that vow.

"The Iron Knight" is the story of Ash's journey back to Meghan. As he searches for a way to become human, the only way he can survive in the Iron Realm, he is put through numerous trials. At the end of the trials, he must ask himself the most important question of all: does he want a soul?

There are many reasons why "The Iron Knight" is fantastic (and my favorite of the series). Yes, Kagawa's writing is story, as always. But it's her character development that really shines through. To take a character like Ash, someone who rarely opens up, and really give the readers an insight into the person beneath the icy stare - it's not an easy task, but Kagawa handles it well. There's also the nice addition of a character we've read about in the other novels. Very unexpected, but essential to the story.

Honestly, I adore this series. I think Julie Kagawa is a magnificent writer. The world, and the characters, she's created within this series are magnificent. If you have yet to read this series, you are missing out.