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The Shadow (Borrowing Abby Grace, #1) - Kelly Green I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I started "Borrowing Abby Grace". Given the description of the story and the short length, I couldn't help but wonder if the author would be able to successfully tell the story [within 47 pages] without rushing it too much. I was happy to see that the story flowed quite smoothly, even at the fast pace in which the events take place.

The story begins with Brooke - well, Abby as Brooke - escaping from a van. She isn't sure what happened or where she is. She can't remember where she lives, or who she is. All she remembers is waking up in the back of a van.

When she finds herself at Brooke's house, she meets Will, who explains that she's a Shadow - someone who borrows other people's bodies to complete a task. Her real name is Abby Grace. Her reflection is hers, but her outer appearance is Brooke's. She was sent to fix something in Brooke's life, which she assumes is locating her brother, Paul. She has less than two days to fix things for Brooke, or else she'll be stuck in her body.

There were moments where I did wish certain scenes were more fleshed out, especially the ending with Paul, but overall I did enjoy the story. I think the idea, Abby borrowing Brooke's body to help her fix something in her life, is interesting. It's something I haven't really read before.

If I had to sum up "Borrowing Abby Grace", I'd say that it is a short and exciting story that leaves you wondering what comes next (enter: "Girl Steals Guy").