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The Dig - Audrey Hart Reviewed on: November 13, 2011

"The Dig" is about a teenage girl named Zoe Calder. She doesn't exactly fit in with the other students at her boarding school. While the others would rather watch television in the common room, Zoe would rather be spending time reading a book. But all that is about to change. While on a dig with her Aunt Sophia and Uncle Alex, Zoe uncovers a secret room in an ancient temple they've uncovered. She isn't supposed to go beyond the red tape, but she's curious - and it's that curiosity that sends her back in time to ancient Greece.

Believing that her aunt and uncle are paying a prank on her, much as they have before, Zoe thinks that she's on a sort of movie set. That everyone around here must be wearing some sort of costume. That sooner or later, she'll find a gift shop. But she doesn't. Instead, she finds herself bearing witness to an attack on a Nymph. With no one else stepping forward to help her, Zoe decides to help the Nymph before she's killed. It's this act that unveils her power and eventually leads her to Zeus.

Hart's take on Greek mythology was incredibly interesting. I loved that we got to see the God's as teenagers. As I read along, it honestly felt as though Olympus, and the Gods, could be just like any other high school full of insecure teens. Their jealousy and need for power drives them to hate Zoe, and I feel as though the feud was developed rather well. You understood why they disliked Zoe. You can sense Hera's jealousy as Zeus set off after Zoe. They act out of pure emotion and you can feel it as you read along.

My final thoughts: "The Dig" is a light-hearted, quick read and I enjoyed every moment of it. I recommend giving this one a chance.