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You Are My Only - Beth Kephart Reviewed on: November 21, 2011

From the moment you start "You Are My Only", you can already assume what will happen, but that doesn't stop Kephart for taking you on one heck of an emotional ride. The story is told from alternating view points: Sophia and Emmy.

Emmy is a mother desperate to find her baby. Worried that her husband, Paul, blames her for her daughter's disappearance, Emmy takes off in search of her baby. The story cuts back and forth - while Emmy searches for her baby, we get a glimpse into Sophie's childhood. While it may not seem so horrible at first: she's home-schooled, the subjects in which her mother is teaching her are advanced - but as the story unfolds and Sophie begins to spend more time with Joey and his aunts, the truth begins to find its way out.

"You Are My Only" is heart-wrenching. It will pull you in and refuse to let you go. As the reader, you will find yourself sympathizing for both Sophie and Emmy, especially Emmy. As their worlds come crumbling down, they must find a way to piece their lives back together again. And in Sophie's case, she must learn who she is.

It's a tragic story that'll keep you turning the page, eager to know what happens to Sophie and Emmy. But even while this is a tragic story, it ends on a hopeful note.