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dancergirl - Carol M. Tanzman Reviewed on: November 25, 2011

When I requested "dancergirl" from NetGalley, I wasn't entirely sure of what to expect. While it sounded intriguing, I certainly was not expecting it to enjoy it as much as I did. The story is about Alicia Ruffino, a young girl studying dance. She lives for it. Until she becomes dancergirl and she unexpectedly finds herself being watched by a stranger. The story does start off rather slow, but once the first video goes viral, you will find yourself consumed by Ali's story.

While out with friends, Ali finds herself lost in the music - and the focus of her friend's video camera. Charlie later uploads the video online, and overnight, Ali transforms into dancergirl. The video managed to go viral and Charlie talks Ali into recording a few more. But when a video finds its way online of Ali dancing around in her room - in her underwear - things begin to unravel, and she's suddenly desperate to break free of dancergirl.

Tanzman created realistic, likable characters. Each and every one of them had their flaws, including Ali, but that's what made them real. The way that Ali reacts after finding out about the stalker - the fear, the anger, the distrust - it felt real. You feel it as you read along. Same with the secondary characters. They weren't just thrown in for the sake of dialogue. They all had stories, each just as important as Ali's (especially Jacy and Charlie). I really enjoyed that about "dancergirl".

"dancergirl" kept me on the edge of my seat. I had my guesses on who was responsible - most of which were wrong. And I absolutely loved that. While "dancergirl" is the beginning of a series, it's tied up rather nicely in the end (which is why I'm eager to see where this series goes from here). I'd highly recommend this one.