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Hushed - Kelley York Reviewed on: December 4, 2011

"Hushed" by Kelley York is by far one of the best books I've read this year. Hands down.

The story is about Archer and Vivian who have been best friends since they were kids. Archer has always been the best friend, the go to guy when Vivian needed someone's shoulder to lean on. But he's dreamt of more. He's wanted nothing more than to make her happy, than to save her. So he sets out to kill those who have harmed her, in hopes of freeing her. But he doesn't save her. He can't save her from herself.

Even though Archer is a murderer, it's nearly impossible not to feel sorry for him once we get to know him. He loves with everything he has - all or nothing. And for so long his world has been nothing but Vivian. He's given her everything - his life is Vivian - until he meets Evan.

Evan. Evan. Evan. I absolutely adored Evan. While Archer is beginning to realize there is life outside of Vivian, that he deserves to be happy, Vivian begins to unravel. She's losing Archer and she's desperate to hang on, threatening those that he loves in order to keep him by her side. She needs him. He's all he has now, but she's losing him to Evan. And it terrifies her.

What I loved about "Hushed" is that Archer started off as this weak character, in my opinion, desperate to make Vivian happy (desperate enough to kill for her to set her free). But by the end, he's a different person. His actions, his past, they don't define who he is - because he isn't a monster.

York has crafted a wonderful thriller with just the right about of romance and suspense thrown in. I would highly recommend this one.
Note: There is violence and a male/male relationship. "Hushed" is probably best suited for an older YA audience.