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Solid - Shelley Workinger My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Shelley Workinger has crafted a truly unique story with SOLID.

SOLID is a story about one hundred teenagers who were genetically altered before birth. They've been brought to a remote site in hopes of learning more about C9X - the drug administered to their mothers before they were born - and its effects on them. When the doctor responsible for administering the drug dies, he dies without leaving behind any information on C9X and its effects.

When the teens were brought to the site, they were told that the military had just recently found out about C9X, that it was only brought to their attention after a secret informant came forward. The military tries to make the teens feel at home - even going as far as to recreate their rooms back at home on site - while administering tests to test their abilities. No one seems to suspect anything, until Clio overhears a conversation one day while relaxing out on the grass. Something is going on, something is being hidden from the teens. Unsure of whether or not her friends will think she's crazy, Clio decides to keep the information to herself, until a late night visit to Bliss' room, where Bliss reminds her that they are her real friends - that they are, and will be, there for her when needed.

After discussing the details of the conversation with Bliss, it isn't long after that they include the others in on their suspicions - which forces them into their own investigation for answers. But with answers, comes trouble. And a truly unforgettable ending.

I loved Clio - heck, let's be honest, I loved all of the characters (yes, even Miranda) - she's witty, friendly, and extremely likable. And then there's Jack, who manages to make the witty Clio unable to speak in his presence. Their relationship is very sweet - and their first date is adorable. Definitely a Jack fan over here.

I really enjoyed SOLID. It's a short book (only 221 pages long), but there is a lot that happens within those 221 pages. Talk about a thrilling ride! Reading along as Clio and her friends seek out the truth, you'll try to come up with your own conclusions - but you'll never be able to guess the ending or who is responsible.

A thrilling story full of likeable characters? What more could you possibly want?