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Exposed - Kimberly Marcus "Exposed" is a story about Liz - photogirl - and her best friend, Kate. During their Saturday Night Slumber, Liz and Kate get into an argument which results in Liz retreating to her bedroom, leaving Kate behind on the couch. Alone. When she wakes up the next morning to find Kate gone, she assumes she's still mad about their fight. Until Kate claims that Liz's brother, Mike, raped her.

It's an accusation that changes Liz's life for good. Does she believe her best friend? Or does she believe her brother? How can she be his sister now? How can she look at her photographs of Kate now?

Everything begins falling apart. Liz's friends side with Kate - something she understands, but something that still hurts nonetheless. Her mother becomes a shell of the outgoing, friendly woman she used to be; refusing to believe her son could do something so terrible. Liz, who finds comfort with her boyfriend, Brian, soon finds herself alone. But the hardest part still is facing Kate when it's all said and done.

"Exposed" tackles a very difficult subject matter. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I did. It's a very powerful story worth picking up.