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Destiny's Fire - Trisha Wolfe As someone who has yet to really venture into the steampunk genre, I wasn't sure what to expect from "Destiny's Fire". I'm happy to say that it was a nice surprise, one in which I thoroughly enjoyed.

"Destiny's Fire" is a story about Dez, a rare kind of shape shifter, on the verge of her seventeenth birthday. Part Narcolym and part Shythe, Dez and her mother are uncertain as to which side she'll favor after she goes through the change, something that causes her mother to worry. After all, Dez shouldn't be alive...she should have been taken care of along with the others. She's been brought up as Shythe, but what happens if it's her Narcolym that shines through after the change? How will she blend in then? How will she be able to avoid the Council?

The Narcolym and Shythe are not known for being best friends, so when the Narcolym arrive as part of the treaty agreement, Dez and her friends begin to ponder what the Narcolym want. Are they there to try to learn Shythe magic? Are they planning to wipe out the Shythe? With an intriguing plot and fantastic characters, it's hard not to devour "Destiny's Fire" in one sitting.

Let's discuss those awesome characters, shall we? Dez, Jace, and Reese! Jace and Dez are best friends, but there's more to their relationship than just friendship. It's obvious how Jace feels about Dez, even if she's completely oblivious to his feelings - thinking of him as her brother. But when Reese comes along and sweeps her off of her feet, Dez finds herself falling for the new guy, still unsure as to whether or not he's trustworthy. I felt as though the romance was well-developed and believable, which I was grateful for. While the romance aspect is lovely, I think what I enjoyed most about "Destiny's Fire" was Dez. She's strong, she's determined, but most of all she's likeable.

I'm happy to know there will be a second book, mainly because I'm not ready to say goodbye to these characters just yet.

Would I recommend "Destiny's Fire?" In all honesty, yes. It's a truly addictive debut that is sure to captivate you from the very first page.