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Cinder - Marissa Meyer Is it too early to pick my favorite book of 2012? `Cause I'm pretty sure CINDER has that spot claimed already.

I wasn't sure what to make of CINDER at first. When I heard it was a re-telling of Cinderella, I figured it wasn't for me. I'd read a re-telling of Cinderella last year, and I just didn't enjoy it. But then I heard it involved cyborgs. That caught my attention - something original - and i'm glad that it did, because it would've been a terrible mistake to not read this wonderful book.

CINDER is a cyborg. She works at the local market as a mechanic where she first meets Prince Kai. Hoping to find a mechanic that can repair his android, Prince Kai goes to the market looking for Cinder - but she isn't what he was expecting. It's there at the market, shortly after they meet, that we first get a look at the plague. When her step sister becomes sick with the plague, Cinder's step mother sends her off to be tested on in - in hopes that she'll finally be rid of Cinder and that they'll find a cure for her daughter. No one is expecting her to survive the testing. But when she does, her past - who she is and where she's from - is revealed.

Meyer has taken a classic fairytale and spun an entirely original story that will engage the reader until the very last page.

I loved the characters (it's hard not to love Cinder). I loved the plot. I loved the setting. Overall, I just loved CINDER.