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Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood I'd have to rate "Born Wicked" 3.8/5 stars. It isn't a bad book. In fact, I genuinely enjoyed it. However, while the story itself is interesting, and I did adore Cate, I felt as though the pacing moved far too slow at times.

Cate and her two sisters are witches, a secret they must keep to themselves because if words gets out, they could be sent to Harwood Aslyum or worse. And Cate can't allow that to happen, she promised her mother before her death that she'd take care of her sisters, that she'd protect their secret. But as her Intention Ceremony nears closer, and she struggles with the idea of marriage - whether it be to Paul or Finn - or joining the Sisterhood, secrets begin to come to light. Secrets that Cate would have never thought to be true.

I truly liked Cate. She's tough and more than willing to sacrifice her happiness for those that she loves. In a world where women are looked down upon, Cate's undoubtedly a strong heroine. And I honestly liked that about her.

My main problem with "Born Wicked", as mentioned earlier, was the pacing. The story was over three hundred pages, but not much happened within those three hundred pages. I had to push myself to keep reading, which I'm glad that I did, but I did find myself bored at parts.

Overall, I did enjoy "Born Wicked" and I will be eagerly awaiting the second installment (more Finn, please!) because, even though it moved slow at times, I do feel as though Spotswood has crafted an interesting story here.