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Love and Leftovers - Sarah Tregay I picked up "Love and Leftovers" for my Kindle after seeing the wonderful reviews posted by fellow bloggers. To be honest, before then, this was a book that I hadn't given much notice to. But I'm glad that I ultimately decided to read this one, because I genuinely enjoyed it.

"Love and Leftovers" is a story about Marcie, a young girl seeking comfort as her family life crumbles. When her father leaves her mother for a man, Marcie is forced to step up as the adult after she mothers runs off with her and falls into a bout of depression. But being forced to move away by her mother, forces Marcie to leave behind everything that she knows and loves: her father, her friends, her boyfriend - her life.

As she struggles to care for her mother, while trying to adjust to her new life, Marcie seeks out comfort in the form of J.D., a fellow schoolmate, who is willing to provide Marcie with everything that she desires. Everything that her boyfriend, Linus isn't able to give her while she's away.

What I think I enjoyed most about "Love and Leftovers" is that Tregay doesn't shy away from reality. The pain, the longing, the depression that the character's face. Their lives are far from perfect, and that makes it easy for readers to lose themselves in this story about life and love. Did Marcie make the right choices? No. But when a person feels lost, as if they are alone, sometimes they make poor choices. And that's exactly what Marcie does, because she's desperate to feel, to escape the feeling that she's being locked away in a prison. And even though I didn't agree with her choices, I did understand them, and in the end, she did have to pay for her actions.

Would I recommend "Love and Leftovers"? Easily.