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The Humming Room - Ellen Potter The story begins with Roo hiding beneath her trailer, after her father and his girlfriend are murdered. Shortly after, Roo is taken to live with her uncle - a man that she's never met, on Cough Rock. Used to being left on her own, Roo struggles to deal with the watchful eyes of her uncle's staff. She finds herself wondering off throughout her new home, discovering that there are many secrets hidden on Cough Rock.

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Humming Room". Roo is a truly fantastic character. I love how adventurous she is. I love how even though she hears the humming and the crying, it doesn't frighten her like it would most people. In fact, it only makes her more curious, forcing her to keep snooping. Roo is a very take-charge kind of character; she's smart, she's curious, and she's tough.

My only problem with "The Humming Room" would have to be the ending. I just felt like between chapter twenty and twenty-one, things just kind of went full speed ahead. The ending just felt somewhat rushed.

While it's evident throughout that "The Humming Room" was inspired by "The Secret Garden", Potter still manages to make the story her own. If you're looking for a short, exciting read, I'd highly suggest checking out "The Humming Room". It is a truly fantastic modern re-telling of "The Secret Garden".

Fun fact: The Kindle version of "The Humming Room" comes with "The Secret Garden" (it's probably the same for the Nook version as well, but I'm not entirely sure). I thought that was a wonderful idea, to include the book that inspired "The Humming Room".