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The Way Life Was Forever

The Way Life Was Forever - Carey Corp THE WAY LIFE WAS FOREVER is a story about sun-dwellers and moonwalkers, and a world built upon fear. Each night, before the sun rises, the "moonwalkers" return to their vaults, where they hide out until the following night, fearing that the "sun-dwellers" will kill them if they don't return to the vaults before morning breaks.

When Lyra, a "moonwalker", goes in search of her younger sister during the vault closing, she finds herself locked out. Lyra meets "sun-dwellers", who are nothing like what her people believe them to be. One day in the sun will forever change Lyra's life.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this novelette. In truth, it has been sitting on my Kindle for a while now. But I'm glad that I read it. It was a short read that captivated me from the get go. Corp is a fantastic writer, and I will certainly make it a point to check out more of her work.