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Beyond the Grave (Past Midnight, #3)

Beyond the Grave (Past Midnight, #3) - Mara Purnhagen Reviewed in August 2011:

It's always sad when a series ends and you have to say goodbye to characters you've come to enjoy reading about. I just recently started the "Past Midnight" series after receiving "Beyond the Grave" on NetGalley. It didn't take long for me to become addicted. It's easy to become invested in Charlotte and her family.

"Beyond the Grave" was an excellent ending to the "Past Midnight" series. As sad as I am to know there won't be anymore adventures, I feel as though Purnhagen wrapped the story perfectly. There was a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. While I don't feel as though "Raising the Dead" offered much plot wise to connect the first two books, "Haunting the Night" definitely bridges the story between "One Hundred Candles" and "Beyond the Grave". The thing with the "Past Midnight" books is that most of the action happens at the end. Normally this would drive me crazy, but Purnhagen does a great job at pacing.

In "Beyond the Grave", the story picks off shortly after "Haunting the Night" (the novella released August 1st for free by Harlequin Teen). Spoiler: Charlotte's mother is still in a coma and the doctor's don't want to give her family false hope. After all, it isn't likely that she'll ever return to the person they knew and loved. But life goes on, which is something the Silver family is struggling with. While Charlotte's father and sister visit her mother often, Charlotte finds it hard to see her mother like that - motionless and almost like a corpse.

Charlotte is also struggling to deal with college and her relationship with Noah, which seems strained now-a-days. It may seem as though Charlotte has lost some of her spark, the strength that made her so likeable in the other books, but with the help of Bliss (seriously, is it possible to love a character you once hated?) and Michael, she regains the strength she needs to fight back. While she may have taken care of the Watcher before, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's gone for good.

I really love how everything was wrapped up in "Beyond the Grave". There are parts in which you'll cry, parts in which you'll laugh. I'm not sure I can properly express just how much I loved "Beyond the Grave" (and the rest of the "Past Midnight" books for that matter).

If you're looking for a spooky, fun, series full of love, look no further than the "Past Midnight" series. You won't be disappointed.