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Girl Steals Guy (Borrowing Abby Grace, #2) - Kelly Green Reviewed on: Dec. 4th, 2011

In episode one, Abby learns that she is a shade – someone who borrows the bodies of others to fix a problem in their life. I enjoyed episode one and was eager to see what happened next, so I purchased Girl Steals Guy shortly after and I was happy to find that it was even more enjoyable than the first episode.

In Girl Steals Guy, Abby, who’s borrowing Michelle’s body, finds herself in Heather’s room, unsure of what her mission is this time. All she knows is that there’s a crying girl. Until Will, her guardian, informs her that she is to reunite the lovers. Simple enough, right? Wrong. Because things – relationships – are not as they appear to be. In order to fix things and, hopefully, find her way back home, Abby must uncover the truth of what’s going on with the people around her.

I really enjoyed the outcome of the story, mainly because it’s something I didn’t see coming. The blackmail answer seemed rather believable. But I enjoyed the little twist at the end.

What I like most about this series is that these are short, yet exciting reads. I can’t wait for episode three to read more about Abby and Will!

A fun quote:

“Monday,” “morning,” and “math” are all fine words by themselves, but when strung together, they form something torturous and sinister.

Green, Kelly (2011-10-21). Girl Steals Guy (Borrowing Abby Grace) (Kindle Locations 637-639). Backlit Fiction, LLC. Kindle Edition.

FYI: You can purchase Borrowing Abby Grace (Episode One) and Borrowing Abby Grace: Girl Steals Guy (Episode Two) for $0.99 each. They are on sale for a limited time!